Welcome to the Shed!


Hello there, thanks for stopping by.
As this is my first blog post I’d better explain what this is all about. Just over 2 years ago Shirley started a blog for my birthday present over on moonfruit.com. The idea was for us to keep a record of our allotment and other hobbies, and to share them with everyone, as it’s exciting to have a photo-record of the veggies growing. The moonfruit subscription has now ended, and our posts were getting more and more rare, so rather than paying for another year I’ve set up a free blog here on WordPress to have another go!

Here is post number 1 then, with a brewing theme:
As you can see in the picture, I have just finished bottling my experimental garden/hedgerow cider. It’s a shame I didn’t take a picture before bottling, as it’s a lovely lilac-pink colour. Look out for the drinking-post in a few months’ time!
Here is how I made it:

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